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We touched every corner of healthcare services with our cloud based or on-premise web applications.

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By using DotHealth our customer get correct way to deliver the services with cost-effectively.

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Digitization In Correct Way

  Less click single page registration screen for Quick entry.

  Auto client Rate calculation, discount restriction and void restriction are in force as per rule set.

  Loyalty Card integration and validation by defined rules.

  Special screen for Industrial Camp with less entry and auto calculation of bill.

  Registration slip and other printing in background.

  Manage Multiple location by a single central server with defined rules by ease. Can monitor all activity of all location by a single screen

  Special screen for sample collection, just by scan a barcode.

  Apps for Home collection registration on ground.

  Track and manage Unpaid Reports with SMS, e-Portal and WhatsApp.

  Patient can pay using Online Payment Integration at any time at anywhere.

  Auto dispatch of Bill, Invoice and Reports by Email, WhatsApp and e-Portal.

  Account will be manage by single click approval system.

  Manage expense with fully automated and digital manner.

  Authenticate the reports though by QR code security system.

Special Portal For Every One

  Patient Portal for online payment for due amount, track loyalty, download reports and view graphical result analysis.

  Home Collection Portal for registration on ground, collection of payment and feedback.

  Doctor Portal for authenticate reports, print reports and amount information.

  Stake Holder Portal for graphical analysis of financial part by organization stake holders.

  Special screen for Dispatch Counter, so in a single screen user can manage reports printing, payment collection, patient data correction and e-Dispatch (eMail,WhatsApp).

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Save Time And Cost

  Save paper printing cost by e-Bill through e-Portal and WhatsApp.

  Save paper printing cost and reduce TAT with auto delivery of reports by email and WhatsApp.

  With Machine Interfacing remove data entry errors and archive more result in less time.Leeds to improve TAT.

  Stop Revenue Leakages by discount management, void tracking, expense management and unpaid management.

New Age Technology

  By Background Job Management system
Auto approval of results by defined rules.
Auto dispatch of reports by eMail and WhatsApp

  By Webhook
Manage unpaid print request by WhatsApp
Third party integration

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Our Products


With our LIMS and RIMS we provided complete automation and digitization to our customer. We focus on a win-win relationship to our customer with our new age technology application.

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We interface with 100+ analyzer with our LIMS. This will reduce error, save time and cost. By integrating this service overall TAT will be improve and its will increase the productivity of laboratory.

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This a very vital part of any organization which some time overlooked. But by integrating or Inventory with other product can bring down the material expense with fully auditable and controlled system.

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This product have OPD management system for generic clinic also for multi specialist clinic. You can manage advance booking, tokenization with a single cloud base application.

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This an cloud base application focusing on retail pharmacy chain (individual unit). We focus on how easily and correctly a biller can bill to patient also can manage their stock.

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With our complete medico solution a small to medium hospital can manage their resources with ease. We cover OPD, IPD, LIMS, RIMS, LIS and Pharmacy with one cloud base / on-premise application.

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